NewsLetter-Funfishers Out of School Club, Nursery & Pre-school

Funfishers Newsletter June 2019

Nursery and Pre-School

At the beginning of this half term we are continuing to look at growth and change over time focusing on the life cycle of our tadpoles. For the rest of the term we will be talking about holidays and travel. Discussing the different places we visit, how we travel and what we might need to take with us. The home corner will be a travel agents so the possibilities are endless

Summer Holidays

Booking forms are out for the summer Holidays and the itinerary will be available to view on the website and face book page very soon.

New adventures

The next couple of months is an exciting time for many of our children who will be making life transitions and experiencing new adventures, whether it is transitioning nursery rooms, starting full time, starting secondary school or moving to a new area. We want to wish you all a very happy future and would love for you all to keep in touch. For any children who are leaving pre school, we will be sending your child’s full learning journal out via PDF to your email address for you to download.

We are also experiencing some staffing changes at the setting this month as we say goodbye to Sonia and Diyana and welcome Kaylea, Margharita, Sophie, Catherine and Tiffany.


Please may we stress the importance of arriving at nursery on time on a morning, we open the doors for the morning pre-school session at 9am, and unless previously arranged with management we ask that all children arrive by 9.15. This is when we commence group time and the children engage in different areas of learning and in focus activities, if your child is not here by 9.15 they miss this vital part of their learning and it also causes disruption to the other children and staff when they have to leave/disrupt activities to continually answer the door.

Please may we also remind all parents that when picking up at 3pm if you are collecting children from Fishergate School afterwards you need to leave the school playground and wait with other parents on the street until the gates become open. In the summer months the children use the playground for learning activities and require a secure environment to keep them safe.

Thank you for your cooperation in this ongoing matter.

A message from the school site manager

The school site manager has recently been finding nappies that have been thrown into the children's litter bins in the playground, it is site policy that all clinical waste had to be disposed of in yellow clinical bags in the large landfill bins at the bottom of the playground. Please do NOT dispose of any nappies in the bins in the playground it is an health and hygiene risk to children that use the playground.

Thankyou for your cooperation.