Booking Forms-Funfishers Out of School Club, Nursery & Pre-school

Booking Forms



We use a secure app called FAMLY for our registration, booking, invoicing and communication with families. 
A Pre-Registration form and User Agreement must be completed before you and your child can be added to FAMLY. 
Please complete a booking plan which can be added to FAMLY once your places have been confirmed. 
If you require ADHOC sessions, please ask for a weekly booking form from the setting. 

Please note that from september 2022, once a booking plan is completed the places will roll forward term time only onto the next half term unless management is informed that you wish for places to be changed or stopped. This can only be done at the end of each half term. Plans can be adapted by filling out a new booking plan which can commence from the next half term. Holiday club is still booked on a first come first served basis using the booking form below.