Mission Statement, Aims, Committment to Quality-Funfishers Out of School Club, Nursery & Pre-school

Mission Statement

This statement outlines the services that children, parents/carers and the community can expect from our Club, and the values that inform our work:

Our Club aims to:

  • Provide a happy safe, warm and stimulating environment for all children to play, learn and develop freely.
  • Help children to develop responsibility for themselves and their actions and to become competent, confident, independent and co-operative individuals.
  • Encourage children to have a positive attitude and respect for both themselves and other people.
  • Promote a positive relationship with parents/carers and work in partnership with them to provide high quality play and care for their children.
  • Offer inclusive services that are accessible to all children in the community.
  • Undergo regular monitoring and evaluation of our services to ensure that the Club continues to meet the needs of children and parents/carers

Our Clubs objectives are that we are committed to meeting the needs of parents and carers by:

  • Listening and responding to their views and concerns.
  • Keeping them informed of our policies and procedures, including opening times, fees and charges, and programmes of activities.
  • Sharing and discussing their child’s achievements, experiences, progress and friendships, along with any difficulties that may arise. Our Club is committed to providing:
  • Care and activities that put the needs and safety children first.
  • A programme of activities that is interesting, educational, stimulating and fun.
  • Activities that promote each child’s social, physical, moral and intellectual development.
  • Access to a variety of facilities and equipment under safe and supervised conditions.
  • A staff team that is experienced, well trained and properly supported.
  • Services that meet the conditions of The Children Act 1989 (amended 2004, 2006) and all other relevant childcare legislation, wherever they apply.
  • An environment where no child is bullied or suffers discrimination in any form.
Strategic Aims - Check
  • Funfisher’s Playgroup, Breakfast and After School Club aim to provide affordable, accessible, quality childcare for children who attend school in the Fishergate area of York, while the Holiday Club serves children from a wider area.
  • The Club aims to enable parents in the community with children of school age to book their children into the Club to be cared for and play in a safe and secure, stimulating environment.
  • The Club aims to provide equality of access and opportunity for all members of the community, regardless of race, sex, age, or disability.
  • The Club aims to provide employment, training and self-development opportunitiesfor the Playworkers and volunteers.
  • The Club aims to be self-sustaining through fees, grants and other contributions and, thereby, to be a financially viable part of the local community.

Funfishers Commitment to Quality

Parents can feel confident about their children attending Funfishers before, in-between and after school and in the holidays, knowing we can provide a safe and caring environment and cater for specific needs.
Our Out of School Club is run in a well-equipped building in the grounds of Fishergate School, refurbished originally with Lottery grant monies for the Club, and with access for the children to indoor and outdoor play opportunities. There is a separate quiet area and chill out zone for years five and six, most of the building can be used by the disabled. This year has seen the outdoor extended to gaining allotment space in our local area, this helps the children learn about healthy eating and our lifestyles.
We now have early years playgroup sessions and lunch club, term time this is run by qualified and experienced practitioners that are here to facilitate the early years curriculum and play based learning that all children are entitled to of this age group. We aim to make all children feel relaxed, special and happy to be here while socializing and learning through play. We have an outdoor area and a small garden that all pre-school children are encouraged to use regularly.
We aim for all children to feel supported, encouraged and challenged – to be with friends and make new ones, to have fun, relax, and enjoy the range of play opportunities we offer plus try out some new ones and come forward with their own ideas as well.
Many of the children live and/or attend school in the Fishergate area and we aim to meet the childcare needs of local people and work with community groups in the Fishergate area for mutual support.
Our staff is encouraged to have a real interest in our Club and its day to day operation and in all the children who attend, which we aim to enhance by making available training opportunities and personal development plans, together with opportunities to input ideas and suggestions to the Management Committee.
The Management Committee meet regularly to discuss progress and follow up any action points brought forward from the children, staff, or parents; producing written minutes and feedback on meetings.
We meet legal and good practice requirements and have up to date policies and a business plan. Our meetings include regular reviews of our quality standards.