Afterschool-Funfishers Out of School Club and Playgroup



After School Club

The After School Club is a long established Club with a great reputation and has places available for 40 children. It is well run by an experienced Manager and group of Playworkers and remains our core activity, providing a valuable and popular resource for parents and children in its catchment area. Planned creative activities are organised each day and the children are given a choice or can join supervised outdoor play, subject to the weather. We also regularly bring in external specialists to run events such as “hip hop dance skills”, Chinese crafts, etc that are always very well received by the children.

We are currently considering the best way to ask children what they would like to do for planned activities in an effort to adopt best  practice.

In 2006 we established a “Kids Club Council” which meets monthly. The children agree rules of behaviour, discuss what activities and equipment they would like, and have developed a process for holding their meetings so that everyone participates (only one person can speak at a time – the one holding the club mascot).