Playgroup-Funfishers Out of School Club and Playgroup


Term Time Playgroup


·         Funfishers Playgroup has been running since 2007 and caters for children aged from 2 to five years during term time. We offer parents flexible sessions both for funded and paid terms through the day with a pick up and drop off service for our two feeder schools in the area.

·         Qualified Early years staff provide morning/afternoon sessions in a supported rich and varied environment, this incorporates a variety of activities that are planned from the children's interests.

·         Rooms are set up in areas of learning to allow the children free choice of activities, encouraging them to become confident to explore and make their own decision. Each area is designed to allow the children to use their imagination and skills with age appropriate toys.

·         We have a quiet area and sensory den which provides our children the opportunity to snuggle up and read a book with staff or friends away from the busy areas.

·         Outside our environment offers new learning experiences which are both challenging but achievable such a balancing, jumping, running, throwing, catching, building, water play, sand, mud kitchen and cycling. Our vegetable plot gives the children the chance to plant, care for, prepare, cook and eat home grown fruit and veg.

·         Settling in visits before your child starts at Funfishers is important this enables you to get to know the staff team, meet your child's Key Person and share information to help us make your child’s transition as smooth as possible.

·         Funfishers hold regular social events such as coffee mornings, open evenings and themed nights/days. This gives the parents the opportunity to meet other parents and become involved in the running of Funfishers as a charity we need parents as trustees to the club as well as fundraising.

·         We encourage our children to be independent and to be active learners, and following the Early Years Foundation Guide Lines (EYFS) we know that children learn at their highest level when playing.

 Learning through Play

Each child is unique and we value this. We believe every child should have the very best start in life. Play is important for new discoveries showing that learning can be fun and interesting. We provide each child a wide range of activities indoors and out. This allows our children the chance to experience new learning opportunities that will inspire their natural curiosity. The key people hereat Funfishers allow each child to settle and feel supported while working with the parents/carers to offer a safe and secure environment and the continuity of care for their children. We are governed by Ofsted and follow the EYFS guidelines, government legislation and a full set of policies and procedures for the setting. Setting rigorous standards for the care and learning for all our children in the early years.

The EYFS is divided into 4 themes:

·         A Unique Child -

·         Positive Relationships - children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or Key Person.

·         We use the Key Person system to build up relationships with the children and their families from the first settling in visit. The visits allow your child to become accustomed to the room and allow you to get to know the staff and have any questions answered. We make you aware of our policies and learn from you the routine of your child's day.

·         Enabling Environments - the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children's development and learning.

·         All of our rooms have age appropriate toys that encourage our children to investigate and explore in different learning areas. We offer continuous provision to encourage our children to decide for themselves which activity they would like to access.

·         Learning and Development - children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of Learning and Development are equally important and inter-connected.

·         We use our observations of each child to build an individual Learning Journal that will show how your child is moving forward. We welcome you reading your child’s journal and adding interesting snippets about things they have done outside of nursery. This helps us plan activities that we know the children will find interesting and therefore offer a wide variety of learning opportunities.

 o   Settling in visits

·         Before your child starts these visits can be very flexible to best meet the needs of your child.

·         Funfishers recognise the importance of parents as the primary carer for their child. The key person will use your settling visits to spend quality time with you and your child and to find out from you as much as possible about your child to make the transition to each part of the club successful.

·         The visits will give you and your child the opportunity to get to know the staff and ask any questions you may have. We can explain any of our policies you may have queries about and talk to you about the routines of our day.

·         During the visits you will be introduced to your child's Key Person. Our Key Person system allows us to build up strong links between Funfishers and home as each child has a special person to relate to. The Key Person will make observations of your child which build up into a Learning Journal that you will be encouraged to read and add too. The Learning Journal will also have photographs and art work and will show you how your child’s learning is progressing and how much fun your child is having. When your child leaves Funfishers you will be given the Journal to keep.

·         Working together to settle your child in Funfishers will allow your child the confidence to enjoy their time with us and get the most out of the learning experiences we offer.